WSS Perfect Compensation Plan

Ever wondered how a truly PERFECT Compensation Plan looks like? Watch this carefully!

The magic begins here: No matter whether you are a beginner or professional in business, you will pick the fruits of your personal efforts easily once you understood the concept. You DON’T have to build a team like in most MLMs to become successful. You DON’T have to buy in upfront to participate – it’s completely for FREE.

Now this sounds already very promising. Let’s go into detail now:

Type of Commission Commission in %
Passive Commissions (AC) 25%
Active Commissions (PC) 25%
Family Bonus (FB) 25%
Global Success Pool (GSP) 10%
Personal Success Pool (PSP) 10%


So what does each type of commission mean exactly?

Shortcode Details
PC You always get the Passive Commissions when a customer/partner (first line) registered by you buys something within the SAFEZONE.
AC You receive the Active Commissions every time someone buys something via your personal referral link. This person does not have to be in your 5th generation family.
FB You receive the Family Bonus whenever someone from your 5-generation family (downline) receives an AC and/or PC, i.e. has sold something.
GSP The top 100 earners receive the pro rata distribution from the Global Success Pool once a year. The basis of assessment for the global ranking is the respective total amount of the family bonus. The GSP is limited to a maximum of USD 1 million per person. A top bonus for absolute professionals!
PSP The Personal Success Pool offers great success bonuses in the form of real assets and cash. Here everyone finds his own pace and personal limit. No ranking, no competition, no time constraints. Just set your own goals. You reach…

Goal #1 – 1000 USD commissions = 100 USD Shopping coupon

Goal #2 -10.000 USD commissions = 1 Smartphone worth 1000 USD

Goal #3 – 25.000 USD commissions = 1 Notebook or PC worth 2500 USD

Goal #4 – 50.000 USD commissions = 1 wristwatch worth 5000 USD

Goal #5 – 100.000 USD commissions = Shopping with the UN founders worth 10.000 USD

Goal #6 – 250.000 USD commissions = A trip around the world worth 25.000 USD

Goal #7 – 500.000 USD commissions = 1 Unicorn Gold Coin worth 50.000 USD

Goal #8 – 1 Mio. USD commissions = 1 luxary car worth 100.000 USD

Goal #9 – 2,5 Mio. USD commissions = 250.000 USD in cash

Goal #10 – 5 Mio. USD commissions = 500.000 USD in cash

Goal #11 – 10 Mio USD commissions = 1 Mio. USD in cash


Additional Information

GSP: If the Global Success Pool exceeds 100 million, you will of course receive more than just the top 100. The limit of 1 million refers to the person, but not to the possible size of the pool. This means that no one can receive more than USD 1 million from the GSP, but an unlimited number of people can participate.

FB: The total rate of 25% for the family bonus is made up of 2 x 12.5%, which are allotted to the AC and PC.

PSP: The respective levels do not have to be climbed again and again, but add up successively (cumulation). For example, if you reach goal #1 with 1000 USD commissions, you will no longer need 10,000 USD until the next level, but only another 9000 USD, and so on. You alone determine the timetable for achieving these goals.

The distribution key always refers to the commission shown in the purchase price.



So to give you an example how everything is distributed accordingly to the plan above, we use a marketing unit from the Service Cashback Marketing which is a sub-company of Unicorn Network.

Cost of 1 Unit 30 USD
Total Commissions 10 USD = 100%
100% 10 USD
25% 2,50 USD (PC)
25% 2,50 USD (AC)
12,5% 1,25 USD (5 x 0,25 USD in PC)
12,5% 1,25 USD (5 x 0,25 USD in AC)
10% 1 USD (GSP)
10% 1 USD (PSP)
95% Total 9,50 USD


Hopefully this gives a clearer view on how the whole We Share Success System is built. I can guarantee you that you won’t loose any money but can gain a lot!

Just give it a try here. It’s completely for free and even your personal data won’t be shared with any third party!

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