Today we are going to learn, How to Buy Rainbow Currency (YEM) on TwnklBuy.

What is TwnklBuy?

TwnklBuy is the Platform where we can trade these Cryptocurrencies and Tokens.

  1. Rainbow Currency (YEM)

  2. Twnkl Estate Coin (TEC)

  3. Solario (SOLR)

  4. CBMT

  5. CBMD

You can only BUY all of above but you cannot Sell them on TwnklBuy except YEM, You can only Sell Rainbow Currency (YEM) on TwnklBuy.

Note: If you are already a member so here is a short video tutorial For already registered members where you can learn how to BUY an Order from the Market in a safe and secure way. Watch out the video.

This part is for New Members:

If you are interested to buy Rainbow Currency (YEM) so here we go step by step to learn in this tutorial how you can Create a Free account and BUY Rainbow Currency (YEM) with Confidence.

Here we go:

go to

and click on a signup button.

Now click on a Free Signup Button

Now Click on the Button for Free SAFEZONE PASS to SIGNUP for FREE

Now if you do not want to watch this short video clip so click on SKIP VIDEO BUTTON

Now fill the Registration form and make sure you are at least 14 Years old and do agree with terms and privacy. then click Next button.

After click on Next now you got your FREE LIFETIME PERNUM. Please keep your PERNUM noted in safe place because you will be recognized into the system by your PERNUM. Now after noting your PERNUM please click NEXT BUTTON.

Now set your One Time Master Pin. For example i entered 123456 and now click on NEXT BUTTON.

Now your ONE TIME MASTER PIN is set. Now please enter the combination of 3 digit of your Master PIN. For example i set my One Time Pin as : 123456 and now it asks for 2#6#3# so because my one time pin is 123456 so i will enter 263 and click on NEXT BUTTON.

Now your SAFE ZONE PASS successfully set up and now enter your PERNUM you saved while registering and enter your Password you set and then click on LOGIN BUTTON.

Whenever you login to your account, after entering your PERNUM and Password you will be asked to enter the combination of your One Time Pin. This is the two factor authentication system to prevent you from hacking or insecurity. then click Enter Button.

Now it will ask you to make sure you have read Terms and Privacy Policy. if you have done reading then click on the Green Button.

Now you will see Profile area. You have to fill this form correctly because you are going to make payments so this is crucial your Street address match with your Proof of Address and Proof of Identity. after completing click on UPDATE PROFILE BUTTON.

Now it will ask you to upload your Proof of ID and Proof of Address. This is crucial by LAW to upload because if you do not do this then you are not able to BUY Rainbow Currency (YEM). if you click on LATER button so it will redirect you to your Profile page and if you click on YES then you will have a box to upload your POI/POA both.

Browse your POI/POA and click on UPLOAD BUTTON. and your request will be submitted and you will be notify shortly when it is approved.


Now we are going to learn how to BUY an ORDER from TwnklBUY.

Here we go:

go to the home page and click on MARKET PLACE.

Note: Make sure you are logged in.

Now you can find and ORDER in various way.

If you want to search an ORDER by PERNUM of anyone so Search in Pernum Box, If you want to search an ORDER by amount then enter the amount of Rainbow Currency (YEM) for example you want to buy 693000 so enter that amount of YEM and click on Search. You will see all the ORDERS of that amount.

When you want to see all ORDERS available on MARKET then click on the button “SHOW ME THE PUBLIC LIST”. If you want to see the offer of someone you privately know then click on PRIVATE OFFERS.

When you click on PUBLIC LIST button so you will see all ORDERS. if you want to buy one then click on the GREEN BUY BUTTON.

After clicking on BUY Button you will now see total amount you have to PAY.

You have two options for payment.

First one is for PUBLIC ORDER and the second one is for when you are buying from any Private Seller you know personally.

We are now talking about Market Order so we will click on PAY VIA ESCROW.

Note: ESCROW service is a secure way of payment because the professional team take care of your order and they make it happen in a secure way and you are 100% safe and secure with this way.

Now click on PAY VIA ESCROW.

Here is the Last step.

You can choose whether you want to pay in US Dollars or EURO and click on NEXT BUTTON.

Now Make sure everything is correct, check twice and click CONFIRM BUTTON.

Here is the Confirmation Page. Please read the description carefully on this page and click on the “DOWNLOAD INVOICE”Button and download the Invoice in PDF Format.

Here is the Downloaded Invoice of your Order. You will find all the details where you have to send the Funds. Please send your funds an as soon as your funds are received and confirmed then you will be credited your Bought YEMs into your PERNUM Wallet. For Setting a PERNUM Wallet please login to” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”> with your TwnklBuy Credential.

You can also create a 2PAY4YOU Account because this is the only service accepted by Twnkl Buy.

Go here for 2PAY4YOU FREE Registration:

That’s it Guys, if you have any issues so please you can contact Twnkl Buy or 2PAY4YOU Support.

More updates will be added as soon as available.

Thank you.

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The access is restricted to invitations only due to security reasons.

Step 1:

While registering it will be explained how you will receive a SAFEZONE-PASS and what to do exactly. We advise to watch the introduction video closely. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.

Step 2:

To get to know the various projects after registration and to stay up to date, we recommend to wait for our welcome message on the subpage PERNUM, so that we can make it easier for you to get started.

But now have fun discovering!