Explore the SAFEZONE.

The Internet is a great invention – no question about it!

Unfortunately, it is often shamelessly exploited in the meantime in order to recklessly and nationwide over-benefit people, manipulate them and degrade them to pure data providers for economic and political purposes. Lots of hackers, fraudsters and rip-offs then do the rest. Not only credit cards, bank details and addresses, but whole identities are stolen to turn them into money, or to bombard you with useless email spam, harmful phishing sites, computer viruses and malware. You may not be able to enjoy the Internet. But for more than 7 years now a counter-movement has been developing – the SAFEZONE. It offers you a secure and at the same time worldwide open network of sites in which you can surf without risks.

Don’t miss your chance to be there right from the beginning and secure your SAFEZONE-Pass.

We Share Our Success!

Other Internet companies earn billions a year from your data and personalized advertising while you go blank.
Here we offer a new and unique opportunity: all members automatically participate in our success. If you do things on our network that you would normally do on the Internet (e.g. search, rate a video, play a game), you will be credited with money in our own digital currency Rainbow Currency (YEM). But that’s not all. It is especially worthwhile inviting other people to join our network free of charge. The unique invitation marketing system ensures you an endless stream of commissions and bonuses without having to buy or sell anything.

Start today and earn your first money.

Love Shopping?

In the SAFEZONE you will find the best shopping discounts! You receive up to 99% Rabatt on all kind of products. If you pay with your collected shopping credit, your experience even remains completely free. All shops are hand checked and have high ratings. Thanks to our own digital currency (Rainbow Currency), payments in our network are 100% secure.

Get access to a growing shopping network where you can even recommend your favorite stores.

T(ogether) E(everyone) A(chieves) M(ore)

The SAFEZONE is an open and transparent network that grows stedily by the ideas of its members. Everyone can actively contribute and improve the network and its pages. Sharing and participating in ideas will not only bring you YEM but also valuable profit sharing, which will let you share in the overall success of the company. There are no obligations, but we find that a TEAM only works well if everyone really stands behind their cause and is enthusiastic about it.

We invite you to become an active part in our network and make it your perfect Internet experience!


TWNKLCHAIN – not just a trendsetter!

In order to make payment methods on the Internet even safer, we offer our own blockchain technology, TWNKLCHAIN. Imagine transactions that are faster, safer, more transparent and cheaper. Numerous so-called “Smart Contracts” (intelligent contracts) enable a completely new payment experience. We believe that digital payment will change the world and would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase valuable coins for a variety of purposes – from everyday items to homes and holidays. In the SAFEZONE (almost) everything is paid for in its own currency, so that an ever-growing economy emerges.

So what are you waiting for? Secure your first coins now.

The time has come…

…for a better Internet. We will show you in a few and very simple steps how you can take advantage of all the advantages of the SAFEZONE.

You don’t need any prior knowledge or any money or private data to become part of our family.

Simply start now completely free and without obligation.

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* die Registrierung ist vorerst nur in Englisch, da die SAFEZONE ein weltweites Projekt darstellt. Mehr und mehr deutsche Inhalte kommen in naher Zukunft dazu.

The access is restricted to invitations only due to security reasons.

Step 1:

While registering it will be explained how you will receive a SAFEZONE-PASS and what to do exactly. We advise to watch the introduction video closely. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.

Step 2:

To get to know the various projects after registration and to stay up to date, we recommend to wait for our welcome message on the subpage PERNUM, so that we can make it easier for you to get started.

But now have fun discovering!