In this post we are going to cover everything about Safe Zone Pass.

Note: If you are not familiar with Safe Zone, you can read about it here: What is Safe Zone

What is Safe Zone Pass?

Safe Zone Pass is your login credentials, and this gives you access to all the Safe Zones. This is the key to be able to access all of the Safe Zone’s websites.

On top of that, it is super important to have the proper procedures in place for the KYC/AML, (Know Your Customer/Anti Money Laundering). And it is important that we have a Bank-level member identification.

Now lets look into deep about; how this Safe Zone Pass works

This new identification system will have 2 levels:

Free Safe Zone Pass

Verified Safe Zone Pass

Lets talk about both in deep

First we are going to talk about Free Safe Zone Pass.

Safe Zone Pass for Free
Safe Zone Pass for Free

We have the Free level, which is the level you automatically get when you join. The free Safe Zone Pass includes:

Free identity protection; (Personal Number = PerNum). That masks our private information like our name, email and other stuff you want to hide/mask from other people.

Free digital currency wallet, which is your PerNum Wallet.

Free welcome bonus, which has been 50 free YEM; however, as the value of YEM keeps rising. It is important that we adjust this welcome bonus from time to time. So starting today, April 1st, we are adjusting this welcome bonus to 20 YEM.

Free affiliate programWe Share Success”, where you can earn commissions. You can visit We Share Success and you will see that; there are all kinds of campaigns and we are always adding more and more. Talking about the new verification system. You do not need to verify your account in order to participate in the affiliate program. However, when you earn commissions, to be able to cash out those commissions, you will need to verify your account.

Free daily prize draws. If you have not seen this already, let me tell you that; we have a new daily prize draw with a guaranteed winner every day at Prize Mania. The odds of winning that prize draw will depend on the number of people who are participating. In this daily prize draw. Only the people who click to enter, would include in the draw (unlike our other prize draws where all our members are included as potential winners).

So, you should click to enter every day for the daily prize draw, and while you are there; you should check to see if maybe you are the winner of some other prize draws as well. Remember, the key to winning at Prize Mania is persistence and consistency. The people who win are those who make a good habit of checking Prize Mania once an hour as often as they can. You can read Sasa Krstic’s story on the landing page to learn more.

Free weekly eBook at EEBOOX.

Also important to note that shopping on sites like EEBOOX, TwnklShop, are all included in this Free level, if you have the coins to do some shopping.

Additionally you can still chat with your friends and family in WazzUb, as well and collect free activity rewards.

It was all about; what is included in your Free Safe Zone Pass.

Now lets move to the second level of Safe Zone Pass.

Verified Safe Zone Pass
Verified Safe Zone Pass

The second level is the Verified Safe Zone Pass. Do be aware this is an optional upgrade depending on what you want to do within our network. It is totally fine to have a free Safe Zone Pass, you only need to upgrade if you want to use those included services. Here you get:

International transactions. Here you will be able to use things like MoneyPon, TwnklBuy, transferring YEM to CCH etc.

You can see at the bottom, by the little *, it says:

“Your Safe Zone Pass is your personal ID card on the internet. Any kind of additional services or products are offered by verified third-party businesses. Safe Zone, Inc. is not offering any additional services.”

Now, I do want to point out, as we are always telling you: Always do your own due diligence concerning any kind of offer or opportunity you want to participate in, even in the Safe Zone. Understand, in the Safe Zone, when we verify a business, we are verifying whether the business is registered, licensed, and in good standing. So, we are not specifically verifying each product or service that they offer, so you definitely need to do your own due diligence when it comes to anything.

Just to clarify with these international transactions (MoneyPon, TwnklBuy, etc.): the full wallet and functions are included for those international transactions.

Investment opportunities. These are going to be provided by officially-licensed verified third-party businesses in (Safe Zone For Wealth).

Exclusive offers. These offers could be for the Health Safe Zone, or for something else; they are not limited to just health.

Now I want to explain a little bit about this process. As I mentioned; this is a bank-level verification process, so it is a little bit different than what we have been doing already.

For maximum security for members, Safe Zone has established a high-level identification process to comply with international KYC/AML regulations. Only verified members have access to financial services within the Safe Zone. Only verified members can make financial transactions within our network.

Some good news, thanks to the great work the YEM Foundation (formerly known as the Rainbow Currency Foundation) and Unicorn Network have been doing talking to governments, banks, and other high-level companies, this updated verification process is important to continue the forward progress for accepting YEM around the world. Because this is a bank-level verification process (and rest assured to protect our members’ data and privacy, Safe Zone is using the same company many big banks use for their online customer verification), there are some different rules associated with it.

This is an upgrade that has been in the works for over 1 year and is required due to the new laws being passed worldwide.

For example, in Germany, they recently passed a law that requires all wallet providers to have this high-level KYC/AML process; and as Safe Zone is a global network providing a digital wallet with your PerNum Wallet. So, it needs to be compliant for all countries around the world who have various standards. So we have implemented the highest standards to make sure we are covered around the world. It is very important to understand that if a government does not think a company is in compliance, they simply shut the company down, and customers might lose the funds they have in their wallet. So this is why we implement this high-level system to ensure that does NOT happen in our network.

Specifically about the new verification process, number one, there is a cost of US$10 as part of this verification process, and this needs to be sent from a bank account. This is to cover the cost of this verification process. Understand this is strictly the cost of the verification; Unicorn Network makes no money on this process.

Your own bank account is the easiest and fastest way to do this, but if you do not have your own bank account, you can send the money from another bank account; however, you must provide a reason why you are doing it, and you must identify the account holder and details where the money is coming from.

If PayPal is available in your country so you can pay your verification fees with PayPal as well.

Also understand that no one is forcing you to verify your account. If for whatever reason you are not ready or willing to do it, you can do all kinds of things with your Free Safe Zone Pass. The only time you will have to verify your account is if/when you wish to do financial transactions: when you are sending funds, or if you want to cash out. So anything related to moving money (Fiat or Crypto) is connected to verifying your account prior to that.

So, if you do decide to pay the US$10, after you do this payment, there will be a video verification. You will be talking via video with a real person in real time, and this person will ask you some questions, ask you to see your ID and perhaps move it in different ways so they can see what they need to see. You can use your smartphone for this, or laptop/pc/tablet with a web-camera. If you personally do not have any video device, you can use a video device of a family member, a friend or anyone who is willing to help you out for this process.

After a successful verification, you will unlock all the features and services that we talked about and you will get a Bonus of 20 Free YEM (which is a value of about US$15 right now).

And another great thing is that with this updated Safe Zone verification, we are working on the possibility for you to receive verification much more easily on other third-party services/websites that are associated with our Safe Zone. This is our goal, and we will keep you posted as it applies.

Now, we do know that the video verification might not be available in some countries, so there will be some other kind of verification in place for those specific areas.

The company we are using is the same company that many banks use to verify their own online customers, so we have done our best to make sure it has the high privacy and security standards you would expect in the Safe Zone. It took some time for us to get all this organized and now here we are in these final stages and we are very happy for it.

Safe Zone Pass verification fees
Safe Zone Pass verification fees

So, Safe Zone is making this verification process as easy as they can make it. First you need to complete your profile. Then you need to pay the US$10 for the verification service, and then you need to complete that verification service. Once everything is done, you will unlock those features and receive your bonus of 20 Free YEM.

What includes in Safe Zone Pass
What includes in Safe Zone Pass

Now, let us talk more about what else is included in our Safe Zone for the Internet. As we mentioned we have our PerNum, which is your unique personal ID number. It really puts in control of who you share your information with, back in your hands.

We also have our 2-Factor Authentication, which is your password and the random one-time PIN from your Master PIN.

We are the first network of websites on the internet that has a 2-Factor Authentication as standard, for all our members, to protect their privacy and security. There are many other companies out there, who have a 2-Factor Authentication, but they have it as optional.

Also many companies have this 2-Factor Authentication connected to a device. For example you are using online banking from your mobile phone. If you use online banking, and then restart your mobile phone, and try to access the online banking again, you will need to enter your password but then the application tells you that because it recognizes the device, that you do not need to enter your 2-Factor Authentication. Isn’t that like junk security? This is the main problem when they rely on secondary devices, because someone could steal your mobile phone and then have access to your accounts, because these systems recognize the device but don’t realize that it is not you using it anymore.

So with our system, you are so much more safer in the Safe Zone. And remember to NEVER EVER share your Master PIN with anyone. Not with friends, family, nor with colleagues, members nor our support team (the support team will never ask for your Master PIN). ONLY YOU know your Master PIN because it is protecting some of your greatest assets.

The next thing that is included in our Safe Zone is our Private Blockchain, and this is private for our maximum security.

I have seen comments over the years that we need our Blockchain open and stuff like that, but you know what? When you do that, then you are really just inviting hackers to break into your system. They will find the flaws, and it is usually not the blockchain that’s flawed, it’s the system holding the blockchain that may have some flaw or some kind of way that can be manipulated by the bad guys. So having our blockchain private means we do not give out any information that someone could use it against us.

So, as the SafeZone, we employ maximum security for all of our benefits. 

Next we have our Digital Currencies. One great thing about our currencies is that they are authority friendly. We have the taxable value referenced on each transaction in USD (because it is the company’s reference), and also in the sender’s and receiver’s preferred currencies. So you know the value of the transactions you do at all times, as a sender or a receiver.

And authorities want to know who is doing what. So, with our new verification system, that makes it even better for those authorities. We do our best to be friendly to everyone, the consumers, the authorities, and of course ourselves as the business.

So, if you are planning any bad stuff, don’t do it in the Safe Zone. We will catch you, we do it all the time, and then there are consequences, which you won’t like. So, don’t try it, stick to the rules, and be honest when you are in the Safe Zone.

If you do not have Safe Zone Pass so you can get it Today!

Click here to Get your Free Safe Zone Pass

Here is a tutorial about; how to verify Safe Zone Pass


What is Safe Zone Pass?

Safe Zone Pass is your login credentials, and this gives you access to all the Safe Zones. This is the key to be able to access all of the Safe Zone’s websites.

Is Safe Zone Pass Free?

Yes, Safe Zone Pass if Free until you want to do any financial activity like, withdrawing your funds or depositing.

Why i need a verified Safe Zone Pass?

You need a verified Safe Zone Pass to access financial services to use at Safe Zone and its related websites.

What can i do with my Free Safe Zone Pass?

With you Free Safe Zone Pass, you have access to all the Safe Zone stuff except financial services.

What is the fees of verified Safe Zone Pass?

To verify your Safe Zone Pass, you have to pay $10 after completing your profile.

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